Hello and welcome to my photography page!

For me photography isn't about picking a camera up and shooting an image. For me it's about capturing a moment in time. Being an artist I strive to create a masterpiece every time that is unique to your story. Whether it is a couples' day at the park, you on your special wedding day or the little moments forgotten by the passing time. At the end of the day it's about the memories captured and cherished. It's about those moments that you can look back on and treasure.
The moments that deserve to be remembered.

Steven Dalton purchased his first camera back in 2010 with the desire to capture better images. In a turn of events over S'mores and a campfire he was subsequently taken under the wing of a friend and fellow photographer Bethany. After shadowing Bethany and following in her footsteps in 2012 he was asked to photograph her wedding. Shortly thereafter Steven began developing his own company. Dalton Photography has been photographing weddings for 7 years. Before weddings, Steve spent a little over a year as a freelance photographer for the local newspaper.

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