A 2019 wedding that came from a random seat at a local Pittsburgh restaurant.
I had the pleasure of meeting Courtney and Garrett at a restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh several years ago. While I was seated at the crowded bar before a sporting event, I overheard the couple next to me discussing a town in Indiana that I was familiar with. Intrigued, I interjected and inquired about the topic of their conversation. They informed me that they were both from Terre Haute, Indiana. Though not widely known, I had previously spent time in Terre Haute while competing in video game tournaments and residing there for six months. Our chance encounter led to a friendship that has persisted to this day.

Years later, I was honored when Garrett & Courtney asked me to capture their engagement photos in Pittsburgh and to photograph their 2019 wedding  held at One World at Woolery Mill venue in Bloomington, Indiana. The industrial warehouse, repurposed as a stunning event space, proved to be a beautiful location for their nuptials.

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