Immerse yourself in the splendor of a stunning and sophisticated wedding, commencing at the prestigious Westin Hotel in Pittsburgh. The couple embarked on a luxurious bus limo ride to the magnificent St. George Orthodox Cathedral, where their ceremony took place. Prior to the ceremony, Sandra and David shared an intimate first look, capturing tender moments alongside their beloved Husky Pup, Luna. This wedding exuded timeless beauty, effortlessly captured through the lens. Following the ceremony, enchanting photos were taken at the revered University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning and the esteemed Frick Fine Arts Library. The reception unfolded as a lively celebration, filled with live music and exhilarating dancing, all within the elegant confines of the Westin Hotel. Allow yourself to revel in the joy and beauty of Sandra and David's extraordinary day, as we present these cherished moments from their unforgettable union.

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